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Pneumatics immobilization ball valve


product description

Pneumatic fixed ball valve overview

Q647 type pneumatic fixed ball valve is a new generation of high-performance ball valve, suitable for long distance pipeline and general industrial pipeline, its strength, safety, resistance to harsh environment and other special considerations in the design, suitable for all kinds of corrosive and non-corrosive media. Compared with the floating ball valve, when working, the pressure of the fluid in front of the valve on the ball is all transferred to the bearing, which will not make the ball move to the seat, so the seat deformation is small, stable sealing performance, long service life, suitable for high pressure, large diameter occasions. Advanced spring and seat assembly with self - tightening characteristics for upstream sealing. Each valve has two seats that seal in each direction and are installed in both directions. This valve has two block type and three block type two kinds of body structure, the flange is connected with bolts, sealing using reinforced ptfe into the stainless steel ring, ring back with a spring to ensure the seat close to the ball, to ensure the seal. The upper and lower stems are provided with PTFE shaft bearings to reduce friction and save effort in operation. There is no adjusting plate at the bottom of the small shaft to ensure the contact position between the ball and the sealing ring. A full-size design is used to align the valve flow hole with the inside diameter of the line for line cleaning. Pneumatic fixed ball valve is a two-way valve, unlimited flow. The middle flange is connected by stud, and the upper and lower stem are equipped with sliding bearing, which can reduce friction, save labor and smooth operation. Under normal circumstances, when the low pressure seating rely on spring pre-tightening force to seat tightly stick sphere seal, high pressure, the formation of piston effect on the seat, under the effect of upstream medium pressure, make the seat clamp sphere to seal fixed ball valve, pneumatic, pneumatic ball valve, ball valve is widely used in process control system implemented on or off.

Pneumatic fixed ball valve technical parameters

Material Code

Main Part

valve bodyWCBZG1Cr18Ni9TiZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti
ball core2Cr131Cr18Ni9Ti1Cr18Ni12MoTi
valve rod2Cr131Cr18Ni9Ti1Cr18Ni12MoTi
seal ringReinforced ptfe, alloy steel, PPL
paddingPtfe, flexible graphite
ApplicableApplicable mediumWater, steam, oilAcetic AcidNitric Acid
Applicable tempure-28℃~300℃
Control typeDouble action/single action
mode of actionCut/adjust
input signal4-20 mA
Reply voltageAC220V/DC24V
Air pressure0.4~0.7MPa

Pneumatic fixed ball valve connection dimensions