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pneumatic rigidity seal butterfly bamper


product description

One, pneumatic to clamp hard seal butterfly valve overview

D673 pneumatic clamping elastic hard seal butterfly valve USES a "U" stainless steel seal ring, the precision elastic seal ring and the polished disc three-dimensional eccentric contact. It solves the problem that the sealing surface of the traditional eccentric butterfly valve is still in sliding contact friction at the opening and closing of 0° ~ 10°, and achieves the effect of separating the sealing surface of the butterfly plate at the opening and sealing surface at the closing of contact, so as to prolong the service life and achieve the best sealing performance. Therefore, it is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, air, gas, combustible gas, water supply and drainage and other corrosive media with medium temperature ≤550℃. It is the best device for regulating flow rate and cutting off fluid.

Two, pneumatic clamping hard sealing butterfly valve characteristics

1, the valve adopts three eccentric sealing structure, the seat and disc almost no wear, with more view more tight sealing function.

2, the seal ring is made of stainless steel, with metal hard seal and elastic seal double advantages, no matter in the case of low temperature and high temperature, have excellent sealing performance, corrosion resistance, long service life and other characteristics.

3, plate sealing surface using surfacing welding cobalt base hard alloy, sealing surface wear resistance, long service life.

4, large size butterfly board adopts quilted structure, high strength, large flow area, small flow resistance.

5, the valve has a two-way sealing function, installation is not limited by the flow of media, also not affected by the space position, can be installed in any direction.

6. The driving device can be installed at multiple stations (rotating 90° or 180°), which is convenient for users to use.

Three, pneumatic clamping hard seal butterfly valve actuator

Adopt new series GT pneumatic actuators, double acting and single acting (spring return), gear transmission, safe and reliable; Large caliber valve adopts AW pneumatic actuator fork drive, reasonable structure, large output torque, double action type and single action type

1, gear type double piston, large output torque, small volume.

2. The cylinder is made of aluminum and gold, which is light in weight and beautiful in appearance.

3. The manual operating mechanism can be installed at the top and bottom.

4, rack type connection can adjust the opening Angle, rated flow.

5, the actuator can choose live signal feedback indication and various accessories to realize automatic operation.

6. IS05211 standard connection provides convenience for the installation and replacement of the product.

7. Adjustable pitch screws at both ends can provide standard products with an adjustable range of ±4° at 0° and 90°. Ensure the synchronization accuracy with the valve.

Four, pneumatic clamping hard sealing butterfly valve accessories options

The following attachments can be selected according to different controls and requirements:

Cut-off type accessories: single solenoid valve, double solenoid valve, limit switch back receiver.

Adjusting accessories: electrical positioner, pneumatic positioner, electrical converter.

Air source treatment accessories: air filter pressure reducing valve, air source treatment triplet.

Five, pneumatic clamping hard seal butterfly valve main performance specifications

PS(MPa)strength test1.52.4
Seal test1.11.76
Material codeCPR
Main Partvalve bodyWCBZG1Cr18Ni9TiZG0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti
valve rod2Cr131Cr18Ni9Ti0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti
seal ringTeflon stainless steel
paddingTeflon flexible graphite
ApplicableApplicable mediumWater, steam, oilnitroseAcetic Acid
Applicable tempure-40℃ ~ 200℃ (beyond the temperature range; Please specify when ordering)
Air pressure0.4-0.7Mpa

Six, pneumatic clamping hard seal butterfly valve main size and actuator configuration

  • Actuator Model


Order instructions:

1. Please provide detailed caliber specification, delivery address and delivery time when ordering.

2, according to the needs of the pipeline, decided to choose reciprocating (two switch type) or spring return type (usually closed or often open).

3, optional control accessories :(1) single solenoid valve (often closed or open when power is cut off), (2) double solenoid valve (switch type), (3) valve position switch back sensor, (4) air source processing triplets. Special use environment (inflammable and explosive occasions), optional explosion-proof type.